Top 5 Destinations In Australia

Australia is an Island we hope to travel to one day! These top 5 destinations in Australia will absolutely be on our must see list.

Australia can be described as the driest and tiniest continent in the world, the lowest stretch of flat land as well as the fifth largest country worldwide.

The larger part of its area has been tamed, and the deserts are no longer wild. It is a beautiful paradise filled with an abundance of plants and exceptional animals such as Kangaroos and Koala bears.

The country is also filled with mountains, tropical forests and deserts. The main attractions are a series of galleries, museums, lush forests and national parks.

The top 5 fantastic destinations in Australia are…

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Sydney Opera

One of the most popular attractions and the symbol of Sydney is the Sydney Opera House. Each year, the country is visited by art fans that go there specifically to visit this distinctive monument. Jorn Uzton, a Danish architect, designed the structure and it was built in a modernist style. It has six auditoriums which house ballet shows, theatres and operas among other shows. Outdoor representations are also possible as it has an open air amphitheatre.

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Blue Mountains National Park

The best tourist attractions in Australia are probably national parks. An example of such a park is Blue Mountain National Park which is located in the New South Wales area, 81 kilometres west of Sydney. The park is geographically situated in a region of high plateaus, which are crossed by numerous valleys and rivers. Mount Werong is the highest mountain in the area, and it is a popular destination for hikers. (Photo Credit Ilya Genkin)

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Fraser Island

You should definitely visit Fraser Islands if you are searching for natural tourist attractions in Australia. Situated on Queensland, it is the biggest sand island in the world and also part of the UNESCO Patrimony. It has plenty of white sandy beaches, rivers, coloured sand stones, sweet water lakes and a rich tropical forest. (Image Credit: Dingoresort)

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The Great Barrier Reef

Apart from being part of the UNESCO Patrimony, the great coral reef is the most popular marine protected area, it stretches from Bundaberg to Cape York, over 2,300 kilometres across the eastern coastline. Housing more than 4,000 species of molluscs, 1,500 species of fish and 400 different coral types, the Great Coral Reef Barrier is the largest coral reef system internationally.

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The smallest state of Australia is situated on the Tasmania Island. The Bass Strait separates the island from the mainland. It is formed mainly by 17 national parks, mountains, abandoned beaches and pristine landscapes. Tasmania is one of the leading attractions for intrepid travellers to Australia. It is recommended for travellers who like being in touch with nature. Additionally, in the regions of the central plateaus there are hundreds of lakes. The forgotten beaches possess a mystical feel and the forests are home to many different species.

The biggest attraction in Australia is tranquillity.

It is quite easy to find an isolated corner in the woods or an abandoned beach.

On the other hand, water sports are particularly popular in the country. All you need is an Australian visa to enjoy what the continent has to offer.

What’s your first choice? Start the ball rolling and comment below!

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